At NAGLREITER™ MDDO, we offer a wide array of roles to support medical device companies of any size at any stage. Our model utilizes a fractional but best-in-class workforce approach to Medical Device Development. The result is optimal talent deployed when the project requires it, which improves time to market without the risk of heavy fixed costs. NAGLREITER™ associates are trained to our FDA and ISO compliant Quality System and Business Systems, or our teams can flex into the client’s systems if that is more advantageous.

Departmental Workforce Services

• Executive Management
• Program Management

Marketing and Sales
• Product Marketing
• Promotional Marketing
• Sales Management

• Design
• Product Development
• Process Engineering
• Solid Model Design

• Biomaterial Specialist
• FEA Specialist
• Statistician
• Microbiologist
• Sterilization Advisor
• Facility Engineering
• Plant Management
• Material Management
• Line Lead
• Operator

Business & Legal
• IP attorney
• Corporate Attorney
• Reimbursement

Clinical, Quality, Reg.
• Regulatory Advisor
• Clinical Specialists
• Validation Engineering
• Quality Assurance

Back Office
• IT Specialist
• Workforce Management
• Accountant

Note: We can provide these services using our equipment and quality system or we can provide the same services under our client’s desired facility and/or quality system