Explore Our Company ELEVATOR® Services

At NAGLREITER® MDDO, the most inclusive level of service we provide is our Company ELEVATOR®. This ELEVATOR® allows a client’s company to be fully incubated and administered within the NAGLREITER® facility.

With full access to all NAGLREITER®’s equipment, associates, facilities, and C-Suite level team, clients within our Company ELEVATOR® can use our front door as a brick and mortar headquarters for their operation.

Additionally, all Company ELEVATOR® clients are given their own FDA and ISO compliant quality systems and their own dedicated business system.

The following NAGLREITER® Services are available to help starter companies establish their business and poise them for success.


  • C-suite level roles that help guide the company strategy, develop a business plan, and establish the company for successful fundraising 
  • Roles include entrepreneur in residence, CEO, CFO, CCO

Systems Access & Use

  • NAGLREITER® will establish business and quality systems for your company, with the option of NAGLREITER® running and maintaining these systems for your company 
  • ISO and FDA-vetted quality system – owned by the client company not NAGLREITER®
  • Business systems such as purchasing, records retention, data room for fundraising activities 

Equipment & Facilities

  • Offices available for client company associates 
  • Conference rooms for board meetings and fundraising 
  • Clinical simulation lab for investor demonstrations 
  • Telepresence robots for remote access to the facility 
  • Logo and company signage through the facility 

We invite you to learn more about NAGLREITER® and what makes us truly unique.