Consulting ELEVATOR™

Looking for Consultation Regarding Your Product?

Explore Our Consulting ELEVATOR® Services

Within NAGL MedTech™’s Consulting ELEVATOR®, clients can hand-select the services that will benefit their independent projects, while remaining fully under the direction of the client.

From project management and regulatory, to sales and marketing, Consulting ELEVATOR® clients have access to the wealth of knowledge and talented associates NAGL MedTech™ has to offer,
without the constraints of a long-term contract.

As the most versatile ELEVATOR® offering, the client can customize exactly which services are needed to meet their needs, all the way from product development through commercialization.

The following NAGL MedTech™ Services are available to engage with companies and products to answer questions and offer solutions related to medical devices, medical device companies, development processes, quality systems, design controls, and get-to-market strategies.


  • World-class experts in all areas of medical device development 
    • Regulatory support, product development support, pre-clinical/clinical, manufacturing/transfer

Systems Access & Use

  • Consulting elevator projects can operate within the NAGL MedTech™ quality system or the client’s own quality system

Equipment & Facilities

  • Consulting elevator projects can be operated at the client’s site or at the NAGL MedTech™ facility; at the client’s discretion

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