NAGL MedTech™ Highlights Project Managers

With a dedicated Project Manager, medical device development projects are able to successfully travel down the road to commercialization. NAGL MedTech™ puts a dedicated Project Manager with each project to minimize missed deadlines, keep the project on budget, and make sure the team is moving towards crucial deliverables.

NAGL MedTech™ project managers are equipped with all the necessary tools and tactics to keep clients up to date with every aspect of their project. Project Dashboards are accessible at any moment, allowing clients to access the latest information. Weekly client update meetings are also facilitated by the Project Manager to discuss how the project is tracking to the deliverables, milestones, and budget.

Project Managers are the key to ensuring all activities performed by the project are on track within the financial guidelines outlined through the Statement of Work. This focus keeps the client from experiencing sudden and drastic changes in the overall cost of their project.

Medical device development projects can be unpredictable, yet NAGL MedTech™ project managers are trained to identify risks and build in mitigation activities that result in a more predictable project execution from beginning to end.

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