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Customized Solutions for A Custom World

NAGL MedTech’s™ contract manufacturing solutions are backed by full regulatory compliance with the FDA, up-to-date ISO 13485 Certifications, and a validated ETO sterile cycle. We specialize in catheter-based products, small electronic devices, orthopedic kitting, cleanroom assembly, and more. With 60+ employees and over 17,000 square feet of medical device manufacturing and development space, NAGL MedTech™ is the perfect partner for small and medium production volume companies.


Technical Specialties

Specialilzed Coverings

NAGL MedTech’s™ custom in-house electrospinning process can cover stents and stent-like devices with various polymers.

Electronic Device Assembly

NAGL MedTech™ is skilled in assembling small electronic devices in a quick and timely matter.

Catheter Manufacturing

Our catheters come in a wide range of configurations, including braided and coil reinforced, to meet various therapeutic applications. With over 20+ years of experience in the neurovascular catheter space, NAGL MedTech™ can produce high-quality catheters at volume.


With our Class 8 Compliant Cleanroom, NAGL MedTech™ can assemble, package, and label your device and ship directly to sterilization. In addition, NAGL MedTech™ has a validated ETO Sterile Cycle that is accessible to client programs.

Production Volumes

Unlike other Contract Manufacturers, NAGL MedTech™ does not lock you into long-term contracts based on production volumes; we specialize in low to medium production volume projects.

Each project is quoted on a piece part transfer price at a given production volume, allowing for higher-volume projects to produce at a lower cost per unit.

What Sets Us Apart

In-House Machine Shop

The NAGL MedTech™ facility is equipped with an in-house machine shop that allows for custom fixtures and tooling to be created without causing any delays with your Contract Manufacturing project.

Class II & III Expertise

NAGL MedTech™ manufactures a variety of Class II products and Class III implantable devices. Our expertise includes product development and manufacturing of catheter-based devices and a wide variety of components, stents, and implantables.

Excellent Project Management

NAGL MedTech™ prides itself on putting project needs above all else. With weekly client meetings and a personalized project dashboard accessible 24/7, clients are always able to access the most up-to-date information regarding their projects.

Made In The USA

With NAGL MedTech’s™ facility conveniently located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, every Contract Manufacturing project here will be proudly Made in the USA.

Process & Design Improvement

NAGL MedTech™ is skilled at building manufacturing lines from the ground up that focus on delivering the most streamlined processes to cut down on cost. We also can take pre-developed processes and designs, implement calculated improvements, lowering cost and time-to-market.