innovative approach to medical device development and manufacturing

NAGL MedTech™ employs a proprietary, innovative approach to medical device development in the information-based regulatory environment, called The ELEVATOR®. 

Spec Developer

The Spec Developer ELEVATOR® provides everything needed for medical device product development from early-stage concepts through design controls.

contract manufacturing

The Contract Manufacturing ELEVATOR® provides you with industry leading manufacturing capabilities, completed with the utmost quality.


The Consulting ELEVATOR® gives you the ability to hand pick any of our services, a la cart, creating a service package that meets your individual needs.

Client Value

Lower Capital Investment

No need for expensive capital investments. NAGL MedTech™ has all the equipment and necessary workforce needed for your project.

Increased Efficiency

The ELEVATOR® was designed to make the complexities of product commercialization simple. We have the people and systems in place to allow you to bring your device to market quicker.

Minimized Risk

We have developed a recipe for commercialization that has been tried and true, allowing us to take your project and bring it through key deliverables utilizing that recipe. Therefore minimizing the risk you take on.


How It Works

Providing Everything Your Project Needs

The ELEVATOR® was designed to make the intricacies of product commercialization simple. World class technology, state of the art facilities, and associates with over 500 years of combined experience in MedTech development, The ELEVATOR® brings everything you need to one place. 

NAGL MedTech™ brings the industries brightest minds together to provide your project with the best possible team. With experts in almost every specialty, The ELEVATOR® allows you to take full advantage of the experience of our associates without the burden of hiring a full in-house team.

Instead of having to front massive amounts of capital for technology that you may only ever use once, incubating your project within an ELEVATOR® allows you to take advantage of groundbreaking technologies all at a significantly lower cost. 

As a client of NAGL MedTech™, incubating your project within one of The ELEVATOR’s® grants you access to our facility as if it was your own. Dedicated project space in the R&D Lab makes it for you to come by and see up close the work that is being done on your project daily. If your project scales to greater heights during your program, we will make the necessary investment to develop our facilities to handle it, not you. 

Client Benefits

No Learning Curve

NAGL MedTech™ is a leading expert in the Medical Device field and stays up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements, backed by a proven track record.

No Missing DHF

NAGL MedTech™ delivers a trusted, ISO-certified QMS that ensures comprehensive documentation for regulatory submissions.

No Misaligned Activities

NAGL MedTech™ offers a dedicated single point-of-contact who effectively manages and addresses all project needs, backed by specialized expertise in the required medical specialty.

No Fragmented Contracts

NAGL MedTech™ provides a comprehensive service agreement that covers your program's entire lifespan, offering desired flexibility throughout its duration.

No Confusing Regulatory Ownership

NAGL MedTech™ allows the client to act as the 'spec developer' and 'manufacturer' throughout the entire development process, minimizing regulatory confusion.

No Transfer Cost

NAGL MedTech™ enables full development within the client's own quality system, eliminating the need for future transfers and facilitating smooth scale-up at new manufacturing locations.

Let's Revolutionize the standard of care