NAGL MedTech™ brings leading-edge medical technology to market through a talented staff of accomplished engineers and specialists. NAGL MedTech™ offers product development support services with access to equipment, systems, or expertise – all or in part – to help you minimize your investment in capital equipment, business systems, and human capital.

Clients can select from our four distinct ELEVATOR® service offerings ranging from off-site project support to full incubation of their company, from conception to commercialization, at the NAGL MedTech™ facility.

Unlike traditional OEM Manufacturers, NAGL MedTech™ has no interest in locking you into long-term manufacturing contracts based on production volumes. Our interest lies in understanding your incubation program and exit strategy, allowing us to plan together how NAGL MedTech™ can best serve your needs throughout the entire project lifecycle. The ELEVATOR® business model allows each client to develop and foster an ongoing relationship based on exceptional medical design and cost-effective solutions.

Our sole focus here at NAGL MedTech™ is to bring leading-edge medical technology ideas to life, through the work of our passionate associates. From neuro-catheter systems, robotic surgery devices, and more, NAGL MedTech™ truly shapes the future through the research, design, and commercialization of industry-changing technology.

We are industry changers. A group of people that come together every day to work towards a better tomorrow for everyone.

Our Vision

To provide The Disney experience to the MedTech industry worldwide.

Our Mission

Provide a path for MedTech companies around the world to meet their business objectives through the innovative service offerings, proprietary development recipes, and cost-effective production capabilities. 

Our Values

  • Accountability
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Client Focus
  • Character
  • Growth

Our History

  1. 2002

    Started Naglreiter Consulting LLC

  2. 2011

    Expanded staff to 3 associates

  3. 2012

    Leased 1,000 sq. ft. space and quality system, and opened first operations within Innovia LLC

  4. 2013

    Moved headquarters to Miramar, expanded to 3,500 sq. ft., and increased associates to 7

  5. 2014

    Expanded space to 6,000 sq. ft., made $600k in captial investments, initiated NCL quality system development, and increased associates to 13

  6. 2015

    Expanded space to 10,000 sq. ft., made $800k in additional capital investments, certified the quality system, and increased associates to 25

  7. 2016

    Made additional capital investments of $700k, validated sterilization cycle, and increased associates to 40

  8. 2017

    Finalized marketing campaign and increased associates to 56

  9. 2018

    Expanded Strategic Partnerships and invested an additional $650k in equipment and system integration. Increased associates to 63.

    Expanded leased space from 10,000 sq. ft to 17,000 sq. ft.

  10. 2019

    Made additional $400k investment in two fully incubated companies.

    Invested $300k in equipment and system improvements. Associate count hits triple digits – increased to 102.

  11. 2020

    Reduced workforce head count from 102 to 55 due to COVID-19.

    Provided $1M in service loans to incubated companies.

    Invested $300K into Endovascular Production Tooling.

  12. 2021

    Increased workforce head count from 55 to 69 to address rebound in market.

    Provided an additional $1.5M in funds to incubated companies.

The team’s level of professionalism, work ethic, knowledge and dedication are extremely high. I’ve enjoyed working with them a great deal and have learned a lot from them. Additionally, we’ve been impressed with the continuing ability of NAGL MedTech™ to pull in additional high-quality people as our needs have expanded.

Darius Kharabi, EMBA Medical General Manager

NAGL MedTech™ has been an important addition to the Safestitch Medical team. Brett is intelligent and experienced in the medical device industry from a regulatory and engineering perspective. He is on task, organized, efficient and perhaps above all has excellent interpersonal skills

Dr. Charles Filipi – Safestitch Co-Founder & CMO

Your achievements at Surefire over the last 10 months have been exemplary, including your leadership and technical guidance to the entire team. I am extremely impressed with the way you led the company to successful submission of 510(k), on time, and with high quality standards.

Jim Chomas – CEO / Founder, Surefire Medical Inc.

I was very satisfied with the level of service from the NAGL MedTech™ team. They integrated very well with both the Fremont and Cork team members. Without their support, completing various aspects of the project would not have been possible within the tight timeline and scope of the project.

Sean McFerran, Stryker Neurovascular Program Manager

NAGL MedTech™ provided clear direction and communication to the project. Team was able to resolve several key design challenges in a timely and efficient manner. This included redesign of key device components to allow successful completion of the Phase A design process.

Dr. Andrew Cragg, Intersect Partners

NAGL MedTech™ is very proactive and has really spear-headed this project well. They have wonderful project managers.

Dr. Baharak Moshiree, University of Miami

We invite you to learn more about NAGL MedTech™ and what makes us truly unique.