Introducing NAGLREITER™ Medical Device Development Organization (NMDDO)

NAGLREITER™ serves the medical device industry with a talented staff of accomplished engineers and specialists. Clients can select among many service options ranging from offsite project support for short periods of time at their facility to full incubation of their company from concept through production at the NAGLREITER™ facility.

In addition to these workforce services, NAGLREITER™ also offers contract use of its equipment, as well as its ISO 13485 certified Quality Management System (QMS). The NAGLREITER™ business model allows the Company to develop and foster an ongoing client relationship based on exceptional medical design and cost-effective solutions.

Depending on how far along a new device idea may be, NAGLREITER™ offers a high degree of flexibility, even the ability to customize the engagement, to meet your specific product development needs.

NAGLREITER™ offers product development support services with access to equipment, systems, or expertise – all or in part – to help you minimize your investment in capital equipment, business systems and human capital.

NAGLREITER™ takes all necessary measures to ensure a project’s success by striving to meet and exceed the client’s expectations. Unlike traditional OEM Manufacturers, NAGLREITER™ has no interest in locking you into long-term manufacturing contracts based on production volumes. Our interest lies in understanding your incubation program exit strategy, so we can plan together how NAGLREITER™ can best serve your needs throughout the entire Product Lifecycle Management process, and beyond.

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