The power that it holds. Undefined ideas. Uncovered opportunities. Untapped potential. Transforming as it unfolds, on the right path to success. Every step of the way, gaining promise and possibility. And from it emerges, transforming technologies, and life-saving devices, that advance the standard of care. And all along the way as the idea unfolds, NAGLREITER™ is right there, with you.

If you are an entrepreneur, investor, or medical device company in pursuit of next generation device technologies, you need NAGLREITER™.

NAGLREITER™ is the only Medical Device Development Organization that offers the passionate expertise, professional experience, and proven quality systems to deliver best-in-class medical device product development services.

We do this by engaging an insourced client team who are device industry experts, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, possess specific product category expertise, and pride themselves on staying ahead of ever-changing industry standards.

From concept to commercialization, or any stage in between, our goal at NAGLREITER™ is to minimize your financial risk, optimize your financial return, and ultimately, to ensure device development success.

Discover the NAGLREITER™ Advantage

At NAGLREITER™ we take all necessary measures to ensure a project’s success by striving to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. The NAGLREITER™ team has worked tirelessly to build a business that provides Predictable Project Execution to its clients, which drives value through:

Early risk mitigation
Acceleration of project execution
Minimization of upfront overhead and backend transfer costs

We invite you to discover the NAGLREITER™ Advantage and learn more about what makes us truly unique.

Latest News

Industry Focus

The Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Market is expected to exceed $97B by 2026. Partnering with Contract Manufacturing partners can be challenging. Big houses, you get ignored and lost in long term contracts, smaller engineering houses lack the capability:
The NAGLREITER™ value proposition is doing more than just building great products, we aim to equally build great companies. In order to become truly great, it’s essential to have validated production capabilities that meet the commercial demands as well as the acceptable cost targets. Early commercial data and an ability to manufacture product unlocks incredible company value. For many young MedTech startups it’s equally important that this manufacturing capability is highly transferrable (no strings attached) either to a Strategic acquisition or perhaps a high-volume manufacturer. At NAGLREITER™, our manufacturing activity and controlled environments are flexible enough to be conducted either in the client’s own quality system or in the NAGLREITER™ QMS.

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Team Expansion

We’re happy to announce the newest additions to our team:

Michael Wehner, Project Manager
Gloria Tadros, Product Manager
Alejandro Reyes, Senior Accountant
Ronald Bivona, Sales Manager
Dahlia Cohn, Marketing Intern (Summer)
Claudia Galvez, Operator
Luisa Earney, Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer

As our team grows, our commitment remains the safety and health of our associates. There are still open positions so if you (or someone you know) are a great candidate, feel free to visit our Career Opportunities page and apply today!