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Product Development Engineer


The Product Development Engineer assists in and potentially leads the conception, design and development of new products and their processes using design and development systems in accordance with FDA and international regulations. The primary responsibility of the Product Development Engineer (“PDE”) is to create a product design that fulfills the client’s strategic goals while integrating the needs of marketing, sales and manufacturing departments. The PDE may oversee research and design teams, lead testing procedures and draft specifications for manufacturing. The PDE also may direct the creation of models or samples and fine-tune designs until they are ready for production.


  • Evaluates the feasibility of selected concepts to meet functional, clinical and customer needs and provides input on the design, manufacturing process, quality needs and testing during the development process; develops new design and manufacturing processes as needed.
  • Makes prototype products / fixtures either by direct use of machining equipment or by directing outside suppliers with appropriate drawings.
  • Generates test protocols, test reports, timelines and cost estimates for development tasks.
  • Builds test equipment, conducts testing of product, and analyzes data as needed.
  • Follows approved procedures such as GOPs, OPSs, QLPs, etc. for activities conducted and updates or generates new procedures as needed.
  • Maintains strong working knowledge of U.S. Quality System Regulations and ISO 13485 and helps ensure company-wide compliance.
  • Assesses reliability, safety, performance and risk of new designs and methodologies and insures individual and group safety when conducting all activities.
  • Maintains effective communications with supervisor and peers in project activities.
  • As necessary, suggests strategic direction for specific projects and provides input into the creation or modification of product specifications in alignment with client requirements.
  • Supports manufacturing activities, as necessary.



  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a medical device R&D environment OR an equivalent combination of education and experience is required.
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes, materials and quality assurance protocols is a plus.


Please submit resumes to careers@nmddo.com