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The Operator produces quality product from multiple production areas and must be fully trained and capable of producing all part numbers. The Operator is involved in continuous improvement projects.


  • Inspects molded product prior to assembly.
  • Reads and interprets drawings or blueprints to assemble and then inspect product.
  • Operates equipment to safely assemble product without compromise to quality or productivity.
  • Accurately records measurements into relevant systems or paperwork if applicable.
  • Inspects the product for visual defects and initiate corrective actions as required.
  • Navigates software to complete inventory transitions, work order records or communicate with plant personnel.
  • Trains other operators as the subject matter expert for that work center.
  • Troubleshoots equipment problems.
  • Operates and maintains all equipment safely.
  • Communicates with others, if applicable, the status of parts, equipment and any other matters that might have an impact on the job.
  • Performs other related tasks, not limited to, but including performing housekeeping tasks required to keep all work areas clean and organized.
  • Observes and supports all safety rules and regulations.
  • Reports any accidents and unsafe conditions to management.
  • Correctly fills out all time reporting forms and other related paperwork including, manufacturing forms, work order documentation, stock movement tickets, scrap tickets, identification tags, etc.
  • Performs other related duties as required.


  • A high school diploma OR an equivalent combination of education and experience is required.
  • Must be proficient with navigating internal software for each product line;
  • Must be able to recognize issues and provide solutions for quick resolution without compromise to product quality and employee safety to ensure the company produces product per production schedules and deadline;
  • Must possess a strong ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions, drawings or blueprints.


Please submit resumes to careers@nmddo.com or Apply Now.