Available Positions

NAGLREITER™ continually provides its staff with challenge, growth and development opportunities that support professional success.

Embedded Software Engineer

The Embedded Software Engineer leads or plays a prominent role in designing and implementing software of embedded devices and systems, as well as in defining, specifying, developing coding, testing and debugging system software.

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Electrical Engineer

The Electrical Engineer is responsible for the electrical engineering aspects of product development from concept ideation through product launch. Specific activities will include definition, specification, design, testing, and validation of embedded systems-based products.

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Robotics Engineer

The Robotics Engineer is responsible for designing robotic systems. Using cutting-edge 3D modeling programs such as SolidWorks the Robotics Engineer designs plans and schematics as well as manufacturing tools and processes to build the robots.

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Project Manager

The Project Manager (PM) takes charge of a specific project or projects within the company. This involves planning, budgeting, overseeing and documenting all aspects of the specific project and being responsible for managing other associates working on the applicable projects. The PM works closely with upper management to ensure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule, as well as with other departments for support as needed.

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Program Manager

The Program Manager is responsible for multiple projects, and multiple project outcomes, including the delivery of all products in the program from conception through production, while adhering to a strict timeline and budget. In addition, the incumbent supervises and participates in the design of product components and assemblies, including detailed drawings and tooling creation.

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